Support material for Gnukey rev. DS
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Gnukey DS

Gnukey DS is a slim version of the Gnukey token. This repository contains complimentary material for the token such as the case.


Inside the case folder there is:

  • a FreeCAD folder containing two models for a gnukey case (original and minimal) and
  • a stl folder with the generated stl files.

Below are the two cases side by side. Both cases are printed using the Form 2 resin printer, at the highest resolution setting (0.05 mm). cases

Adding the Gnukey PCBs into the cases, cases-pcb

Pogo pins holder

Similarly, for the pogo pin holder that is used for programming the PCBs. Below a close-up of the holder and the finished programming cable.

pogo holder cable


Copyright Evangelos Rigas 2019.

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