GnuPG hardware token using Gnuk.
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Gnukey is a hardware security token. This hardware token uses an STM32F103TB (ARM Cortex M-3 uCU) that can run Gnuk, Neug or u2f-token.

  • Gnuk is a FOSS implementation of the GnuPG card protocol by Yutaka Niibe.
  • Neug is a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) by Yutaka Niibe.
  • u2f-token is a universal second factor authenticator token by Sergei Glushchenko

PCB Assembly

The PCB is designed to be produced with a thicknes of 0.6mm and requires a case in order to fit inside the USB slot. final-pcb


Below is the bill of materials needed for soldering the gnukey pcb. While there is one LED used, the table contains two (one red and one blue). Similarly, for the LED resistor, depending on the resistance more or less current will pass through affecting the brightness.

The bill of materials can be found on Octopart. Additionally, a 1-click-bom is in the root folder of the repository.


The PCB can be soldered in a home-lab using a hot-air soldering station and solder paste. The image below shows both the bare PCB and the assembled one. pcbs

And the following image shows the top and bottom view of the assembled PCB. top-bottom

PCB case

As mentioned earlier, the PCB is designed to be used with a case. The case designs can be found at gnukey-ds repo. Below is an image showing how the final Gnukey token will look like using the cases from the gnukey-ds repo. gnukey-case


Copyright Evangelos Rigas 2019.

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